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Today i went to school, and i was surrounded by my friends and wonderful teachers. however, there was so much negative energy.  As i walk in the halls, i see so many people who pretend to be someone their not. i can tell, i really can. I catch their moments, and it hurts me, that they would do so much to be what society has made them out to be.  Our generation is so judgmental, its sickening. we are  judges by our appearance, what we wear, what we have, and how smart we are, and all we ask is why? why have we become this way? ALL of us have made it like this. Even I  can admit, i have judged before getting to actually getting to know someone, and sometimes we need to catch ourselves. Believe me, i know how hard it can be to be different and to stand up for whats right.  As much as we all say that we are leaders and we are confident, their are many people who live a second like. all i ask, is to reflect on how you act, stand up for people, and a least try to change our ways. Nobody is perfect, and that's fine. i Know, i definitely would not want my children (if i ever have some one day) to live the way i do, in a mean overly judge mental society.  Love you you are, be who you are.

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